Toa Security Guard   Osaka Public Safety Commission. Authorization No,62000001 

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            Respond to large sized and specialized disaster
              by our latest technology and excellent staff.


       Advanced growth of technical innovation or economy has
       been diversified and the scale of modern society has
       accomplished to the big change. It increasingly enlarges
       and specializes that the tendency of city乫s calamities are
       strengthening to the unknown aspect. Worries about
       underground and height calamity were induced. It can be
       apt to show that the tendency in technical and a
       management calamity was made. The safety area has
       sharply decreased, and this thing will be appeared more
       increase of dangerous area.

       The calamity of disaster caused by man-made has
       unknown potentiality and it is the big problem imposed
       how to prevent from these city's calamities in advance.
       In view from the corporation sides on this problem,
       It is said that the unexpected loss by the conflagration
       and robbery occurrence in recent years would be amount
       to more 150 billion yen at least. It is believed that such a
       serious problem will bring a large loss to the nation and
       also the influence on general home's life as a result.
       Our company has the selected staff in our gathered organization and TSG ( TOA SECURITY
       GUARD) system
has been introduced in the newest electronic technology. It will enable to be
       rationalization of business, and laborsaving in the dense security business. And, it responds to
       the request by companies with sincerity and responsibility in its business execution.

       Since the inauguration in October, 1973, the consignment operation in our security guard
       business has been received from the big enterprises, the markets and the ordinary homes. At
       present, the place for our business is extended with much our efforts to main cities  covering
       with Kinki  2  prefectures,  4  prefectures centering in  Osaka in the worldwide now, where is
       attractive by the Kansai International Airport.  It is our belief that we will serve you for social
       prosperity and safety in the future.
I deeply appreciate for your support and patronage in each
     field, I am also looking for your more guidance.

           Toa Security Guard Co.,Ltd.   President    Hajime Inoue

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