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   How can we establish the safety environment in the enterprise management? The change
   with  the full of risk  in the social environment among the enterprise will take onmore
   complicated  aspects  for  the  correspondence  to  safety. Our  securityguard  system
   performs to prevent from all of the accidents in advance by our efficient security guard
   officers performed for our full task with high knowledge in the security guard management
   business.  In  the  position  of  the  contracted  enterprises,  we  have  prepared  with our
   confidence organization without any careless mistakes in our task accomplishment by our
   high educated and reliable security officers in the consistent security guard program and
   by our introduction of the practical and latest innovationin the field of electronics.  

 俬値倱倲倝倲倳倲倝倧値 俧倳倎倰倓

Security guard performed in department stores, buildings, banks,
factory, stores, etc.Security guard always perform ready in any
kind of institutions in daytime and night.
At a department store, a market, a hotel, a store, I perform the guard for larcenists such as a pickpocket, shoplifting, a luggage thief.
For securing the safety for the passengers, perform against anti hi-jacking prevention and inspect luggage  inspection business.

Guard in the large factories with regular special vehicles.Guard
to prevent from fire in the large petrochemical andindustrial
complex with stationed special vehicles.
 俿倰倎倖倖倝們 俬値倱倲倰倳們倲倝倧値 俧倳倎倰倓

Security guard including the vehicle guidance for the traffic
safety reservation in the construction work spots, bullet train
construction sites and vehicle bases, etc.
 俤倴倕値倲 俧倳倎倰倓

Guard the extraordinary events such as expositions, exhibitions
and sales on the spots for the temporary entertainments.
 倁倎倰倳倎倐倢倕倱 俿倰倎値倱倫倧倰倲倎倲倝倧値 俧倳倎倰倓

Transporting Cash by security vehicles and security guard
officers riding together.By using of the special armed vehicles,
perform the escort for valuable articles; such as cash important
documents, securities, jewelry, and with the escort guards, etc.
 俹倕倰倱倧値倎倢 俴倝倖倕 俧倳倎倰倓
It is the guard to do an individual or the personal life guards for a group. From prior planning to on-site correspondence. We make use of the abundant career that crisis control consciousness was based on.
 俵倎們倛倝値倕 俧倳倎倰倓

By using the electronics and the communication innovation,
alarming system, TSG system  performs together to notify and
prevent from the institutions and properties against injustice,
fire and other danger.

Security guard performed in department stores, buildings, banks
factories stores, etc. Security guard performs for any kind of
institutions by periodical and irregular patrol in daytime and  night.
 俛倳倝倢倓倝値倗 俵倎倝値倲倕値倎値們倕
The guard  of a building, cleaning,  driving  and  maintenance management of facilities are maintenance duties to offer hygienic environment by security of a building.

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