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 俙 倣倎倝値 倵倎倰値倝値倗 倱倝倗値倎倢 倓倕倴倝們倕 倧倖 倲倛倕 俿俽俧倱倷倱倲倕倣

  In catching properly the slice of changes for the degree of dry, humidity, vibration, light,
  sound and smoke, through magnet, shock,shutter, heat rays, infracted light, safe, alarming
  sensor for the safe, temperature, smoke, sensor of the leakage of natural gas,
  transmissioninstrument and  electric circuit panel indication instrument  that precisely
  affected  in our control management system.  And, The properties  for our contractors
  protects  by our actuated information management system

  In the face with the sudden accidents and robbery, etc, the danger also goes with giving
  a loud cry and dialing a phone for emergency. TSG security system performs automatically
  to turn on the automatic dialing circuit system in the case of catching the signal as usual
  as well through our security alarm system, and will report on the outbreak of the accidents
  and  its place,  of course,  its situation.  Our patrol car  which ordered  by our commander
  room  goes rush  to the scenes  and  we protect  and dispose them  properly against  the
  crimes and the disasters in advance.

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