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 俹倧倝値倲 倧倖 俠倛倧倝們倕
 俽倲倎値倓倎倰倓 倲倧 們倛倧倧倱倕 倎 倱倕們倳倰倝倲倷 倖倝倰倣

  Is it possible to get a suitable guard for our company?
  Is it possible to accept various kind of demands?
  Is it possible to get the reliable compensation system?
  Is it possible to present the clear limitation of responsibility?
  Is it possible to perform reasonable price with
   high guard performance?

 We recommend what is chosen with a point such as the above.

 俹倢倕倎倱倕 倲倎倢倠 倲倧 倐倕 們倧値們倰倕倲倕 倵倛倕値 倝倲 倱倕倕倣倱 倲倧 倐倕 倖倧倢倢倧倵倱

     In the time of the existing the fear and robbery in stores, buildings, offices,
       construction sites, places for building materials and warehouse and so on.
     In the time of loss and theft found to goods in recent trend.
     In the time of transporting cash and valuable articles regardless of distance.
     In the time of the travel for employee, no caretaker available, during the beginning
       and the end of year and Bon (lantern) period and others.

     In the time of rationalizing and reducing the cost performance in the fear and
       incompletion for the maintenance of present security as well.

     In the time of requiring to strengthen to the present guard.
     In the time of the disorder and public morals in your company recently.

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